Plein air landscape artist April Raber

1948 - 2019
The friends and family of April Raber
held a Memorial

Celebration of Life

Saturday, May 25th - 3:00pm,

Vedanta Society of Southern California
Ramakrishna (Trabuco) Monastery
19961 Live Oak Canyon Road
Trabuco Canyon, CA 92678
(see map below)

April Raber

My favorite photo of April.  I took this in Nov. 1998, about 120 miles west of Cairo in the Sahara Desert. After seeing Cairo and the upper Nile, we set out in search of an adventure, heading toward a small Coptic mission near an oasis in the middle of nothing but a sea of sand. This is the font door to their inner courtyard.  They prohibit visitors, but after opening the door a crack and talking to us they graciously invited us in for an interesting afternoon visit.

April Raber

Woman Balancing Two Pink Clouds 3"x3" Oil pencil sketch (circa 1983)

Trabuco Monastery

Trabuco Monastery    22" x 38"    Oil on Canvas    (circa 2014)

One last web page for you, Aprilani. With Love, David
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Comments (58)

Lisa P Mcknett

----When I first met April she immediately impressed on me her kind gentle heart and definitely an incredible artist. I wanted to be her friend and be around her because she emitted love and a lust for life.

I actually did not know she was sick, but she had such dignity for her appearance one would never know at first glance unless we were told. I was shocked to hear of her passing. Her artwork is my favorite.


Lisa, thank you for your note.  Very much appreciated.  

All the best to you.

Rebecca Chan

I first saw April's work at the Festival of Arts with all her marvelous Ferriswheel painting's. I was truly in awe of these works and her industrial collection. I had seen nothing like this before and was impressed that someone, April, chose to paint our oil wells, towers and power plants! I fell in love with her work and go to her webpage to admire her work. I missed seeing her this year at the Festival of Arts, and that is when I learned of her passing. Truly sorry she us gone now too soon.

Miki Olsen

----I love to go to Aprils Web sight and scroll through her artwork, I feel like I own my own collection of Aprils work. I love that she left such a beautiful legacy for all of us to enjoy. She will never be forgotten. I will always cherish and appreciate our sweet friendship. I love you April. Miki OLsen

Mary Aslin

I’ll never forget seeing her art for the first time in Laguna North Gallery: it was a painting of a white egret along a shoreline. I came to know her epic and distinctive style through the Festival of Arts. We volunteered together to assist with the LPAPA Plein Air Invitational and she said one day she hoped to be one of the artists and indeed she did become one!! And becoming a Signature Member of the California Art Club was so well deserved. I have never experienced stronger, more genuine and loving hugs from anyone. I will April was one in a million and I will miss her terribly. Rest In Peace, My Friend!

Janine Salzman

She was a wonderful soul and a great artist. She will be missed by all.

Faye and Wayne Baglin

We loved and admired April for her abundant kindness, grace and talent. David, your enduring love and care for her always an example of true partnership.

Wendy Wirth

----April was such a light for so many! Perhaps it was the contrast; she seemed so delicate in her physical self that you were astonished at the amount of joy she projected from her soul. Her perspective on life was so positive that you couldn't help feeling blessed to know her. I will always remember her with a smile, and keep with me her ability to laugh so effortlessly at small things --- and forget the big awful stuff that can cloud the joy of just being present. God bless our sweet April.

Terry DiLisi


Patti Cliffton

--April is in my thoughts and remember her as such a special spirit - free and loving,

no matter what. She was a special member of Laguna North and loved by all. Her

paintings reflect that sweet spirit. She will be remembered always. I cherish the painting

I have of hers. Patti

Pam Panattoni

I loved and admired April for her kindness, love, and sweet spirit, but also for her strength and perseverance. Her paintings were amazing manifestations of her inner power. I'm so grateful to have known her.

Toni & Steve Kellenberg

---- April was a unique and special person in that she always had a certain glow and presence that gave you the immediate sense of being loved and cared for. We enjoyed knowing her as a friend and appreciated knowing her as an artist. We are grateful for her spirit and memories that will live with us always.

The painting I share here is titled "Meditation" and it received the 2015 Award of Excellence at the Laguna Plein Air Painting Invitational. April created this painting with such a special glow to it, it makes me think of April's spirit shining down upon us.

bruce vanderwilt

----Always looked forward to seeing April's work, and chatting with her each summer. Miss Her...